Mold Remediation Services Daly City

The best way to detect mildew growth is timely mold detection that is done by an expert and a reliable mold remediation company. Schedule an inspection today with Water Damage Daly City if your property has recently undergone any mold damage. These voluntary and necessary remediation steps are necessary to provide a healthier and safer environment. Our company complies with all the EPA standards, guidelines and procedures for effective and reliable mold inspection, detection and restoration in California.

Services that we offer for effective mold damage restoration in California:
• Complete Mold Testing
• Lab Testing
• Mold detection and Mold Remediation
• Decontamination of the Affected Area
• Assessment and Report for the actual damage
• Fumigation and Odor Removal
• Sanitation of Carpeting and Upholstery
• Disinfecting and Allergy Cleansing for Furniture, Carpet and Upholstery
• HEPA Vacuum and Dry-Ice Procedures
• Filtration and Fumigation of Vent/Duct Systems

If unprofessional and careless efforts are made for mold testing and remediation, it will leave a negative impact on the property as well as your life. Our testing and remediation experts work to a pre-planned strategy. They use innovative and effective ideas to ensure that your property will get restored fast, economically and effectively. All of our mold testing and mold remediation experts are trained and certified in these types of services.


Our mold remediation experts will:
• Detect and Fix the Hidden Moisture.
• Dry all Wet Materials.
• Locate and Dispose of Mold Contaminated Objects.
• Clean up the area and remove the debris.
• Disinfect the structure.