Fire Damage and Smoke Removal Services Daly City

If fire damage is not treated within the first 48 hours it can cause serious damage to your property and take several weeks and even months to get back to its original condition. So, don’t waste any time and call Water Damage Daly City right away if your property has suffered devastating fire damage or smoke damage.

Smoke damage can sometimes be more dangerous than fire damage because it penetrates through wall cracks and other porous places leaving stains and stale odors behind. It is almost impossible to remove these musty odors without the help of professional smoke damage experts. Different kinds of equipment and fluids are used to deal with the smoke, stains and odors. Fire and smoke damage is a persistent and severe issue that definitely requires a professional expert. Water Damage Daly City is committed to providing the most effective solutions for smoke and fire damage.

Water Damage Daly City is your best choice when looking for reliable fire and smoke damage restoration solutions. We are here to restore your property back to its normal state with our trained and experienced fire damage restoration experts. They have several years of experience and use the latest tools in the industry. They have the capability to eliminate the stains and odor that appears due to smoke damage and they have the knowledge and expertise to deal with complex fire damage restoration.

A few of our fire and smoke damage restoration services in California that are most popular amongst our clients.
•Deep assessment of the damaged property and documentation through photographs, videos and paper work.
•Fire Damage Risk Management
•Sorting out the damaged, undamaged, curable and not curable items.
•Removing soot from draperies, carpets and other household fabrics.
•Final Cleanup and Debris Removal
•Odor Control and Sanitation
•HEPA vacuum treatments that easily break up smoke residue and eliminate all stains and odors.